All animals require a signed consent form from a Veterinary Surgeon before treatment can be carried out. This is a legal requirement, and so if the form is not signed and returned to me prior to an animal's appointment, I will regrettably be unable to treat them.

A link to the Veterinary Referral Consent Form can be found below. You can either print this off and take it to your vet directly, or I can send it to them on your behalf (please let me know if this is the case). The form will need to be completed and signed by both you and your vet prior to the animal's appointment. Your vet may want to examine your animal prior to veterinary physiotherapy treatment beginning.

Please also ensure you have read the treatment terms and conditions below before signing the consent form. I will be unable to treat your animal if you do not adhere to these stipulations.

Important information and documents


Veterinary Referral and Consent Form - PDF

Veterinary Referral and Consent Form - Word document

Please find below the Veterinary Referral and Consent Form; I have supplied this in both PDF and Word document formats. Both documents are identical, so you can use whichever is most convenient for you. Click either the PDF or Word document icon to download the form.

Treatment Terms and Conditions

A veterinary referral and consent form (combined into one document) must be completed and sent to White Peak Veterinary Physiotherapy at least 24 hours before a scheduled appointment. Treatment cannot be carried out if this form has not been completed and returned. A veterinary referral is a legal requirement. If a new condition/disease arises i.e. something that the animal was not originally referred for, a new veterinary referral form will need to be completed.


Clients should be aware that if White Peak Veterinary Physiotherapy find a condition/disease that has not been mentioned in the veterinary referral form (e.g. a lameness) then the animal must be referred back to the veterinary surgeon in charge of their care for further investigation, and treatment may not be carried out at that appointment.


Any communications and paperwork relating to White Peak Veterinary Physiotherapy (e.g. case notes, veterinary referral forms) will be kept securely (digitally or manually) for seven years, in accordance with GDPR.


Initial consultations for equines are priced at £55, with follow-up appointments priced at £45. Initial consultations for canines are priced at £45, with follow-up appointments priced at £35. Other animals are charged at either equine or canine prices according to size (i.e. other small animal species will be charged canine prices, other large animal species will be charged at equine prices). Payments must be made on the day of, and prior to, treatment of the animal. Cash, cheques, and BACS payments are accepted; card payments are currently not accepted. If a client does not pay the required amount on the day of treatment, White Peak Veterinary Physiotherapy reserves the right to refuse to carry out treatment at this appointment. Any future treatments of the animal may also be refused until payment is received.


White Peak Veterinary Physiotherapy will not charge mileage fees if locations are within a 20-mile radius of Hartington, Derbyshire, UK. A mileage fee of £0.45 will be applied per mile for locations outside of this area. Mileage is determined by inputting the location on Google Maps; the shortest route will be used to determine distance (not including toll roads). If the client’s location will incur mileage fees this will be made clear to them prior to an appointment. Where three or more animals are treated consecutively at the same location, any additional travel fees will be waived.


Cancellation within twenty-four hours of a scheduled appointment by the client will incur a £20 cancellation fee. Cancellations at least twenty-four hours prior to a scheduled appointment will not be charged.


Quotes are issued for yard or kennel bookings where multiple appointments will take place in the same location consecutively for the required day. For yards/kennels to be eligible for a quote, the day must constitute at least five hours work. Any quotes issued are valid for 28 days, after which they become void and a new quote will need to be sought.


Owners must ensure that the animal/s being treated are clean and dry for their scheduled appointment. The owner should be present at the appointment; if this is not possible, a suitable person should be nominated to handle the animal. Written consent of this nomination may be required. The person handling the animal must be aged 18 years or older. If younger persons wish to be present at the appointment, they should be accompanied by an adult (aged 18 years or more). Anyone handling the animal should be wearing appropriate clothing and have sufficient knowledge to handle the animal safely. If an animal displays aggressive behaviour then White Peak Veterinary Physiotherapy may be unable to provide treatment.

If an animal has a contagious disease then the client should inform White Peak Veterinary Physiotherapy of this, and the appointment must be cancelled. If, upon arrival, the animal has an acute injury (e.g. an open wound) then treatment cannot commence. Clients must also cancel their appointment if their animal is suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea.


White Peak Veterinary Physiotherapy reserves the right to refuse to provide treatment if these terms and conditions are not adhered to. White Peak Veterinary Physiotherapy also reserves the right to refuse to provide treatment if doing so would endanger themselves, other people present, or the animal.

If you would like to download a PDF copy of the treatment terms and conditions listed above, please click here.