Horses - Prices

Please note that if a disease/condition is found upon assessment that is not noted in the veterinary referral letter I will have to refer your horse back to the vet for further investigation and I will be unable to treat them at that appointment

Initial Assessment: £55

Time required: approximately 1 hour 30 minutes - 1 hour 45 minutes, but case dependent

After I receive the signed referral form from your horse's vet, we can arrange an initial assessment at a time convenient for you. This appointment includes a detailed examination of the horse, with static, dynamic, and palpation elements. Following this assessment, I will then carry out treatments tailored to your horse, including manual therapies (such as massage, range of motion, and stretching), and electrotherapies where appropriate. There may be exercises that you can carry out with your horse in between appointments; I will demonstrate these to you and check you are confident in applying them. You can of course get in touch with me in between appointments if any further questions arise.

Follow up: £45

Time required: approximately 1 hour - 1 hour 15 minutes, case dependent

After an initial assessment, we can arrange a follow up appointment that best suits your horse's requirements. At this appointment, I will reassess your horse to check for any new issues that may have arisen and to assess their progress. Treatment will then be carried out, including progressions of exercises as appropriate.

Yard discounts for multiple horses

Discounts are available for yard bookings where multiple horses are treated consecutively at the same location - please see the treatment terms and conditions on the 'Referral Information' page for eligibility details. Please get in touch if this is the case, I will be able to give you a personalised quote (valid for 28 days). Mileage fees are additionally waived for three or more horses treated at the same location if you live outside the radius specified on the 'Contact' page. Each horse will need its own individual veterinary referral form.

Accepted forms of payment

Acceptable payment forms are BACS, cheques, and cash (you will receive an invoice for all these forms of payment), payable on the day of the appointment. I am unfortunately currently unable to accept payments by card. Please see 'Referral Information' for more details on payment.